Sunday, August 31, 2008

Childrens drawings

Siobhan - Age 12
Entry no 1
[Hi Siobhan - The bee is so sweet, the detail on your entry is really nice, like the heart shaped trees. I like the way you have incorporated three elements - air, earth and water.]

Sinead - Age 6 1/2
Entry no 2
[Hi Sinead, I am such a yellow fan and I really like your happy son. I like the composition of your picture and think you did a great job.]

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Thomas has been asking about hedgehogs, so we will be focusing on them for the next few weeks. It is a great theme for winter or Autumn [Fall].

I like this project and we will be doing it with clay that we will harvest from the garden [though this is a play dough craft]

Make a Play dough Hedgehog.

Colour the play dough dough brown and take a golf ball size piece. Shape a snout then use cloves for nose and eyes. Break up some spaghetti into short pieces and use to make the hedgehog spines.

Here is a great resource list from Tree hugger Mums - I adore the bread baking ideas.

Here are some more great links, some that we will be using.

For a sweet little felt hedgehog that a young child can to sew up.

Potato Hedgehog [? :-)]

A pine cone hedgehog

Horse chest nut shell hedgehogs

An e-book with info on the South African hedgehog

Hedgehog paper craft

Parchment craft [scroll down

And of course there is the wonderful Jan Brett web site and books.

We also have quite a lot of quills [that we found on the area] whichwe will be using for various projects.

I hope these links offer you great inspiration.

Enjoy and let me know if you have any additional resources.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Hi All,

I am quite excited at the prosect of having an online Art competition, so to help inspire you all I have written some guidelines.

Here they are:

The competition theme is 'EARTH LOVE' and what I really am interested in our childrens thoughts so please ask your child to give their work a title or a discription of their thoughts.

Please allow your children to come up with their own ideas

Your children can work in any medium and use any materials [crayons, paint, paper, metal, wood, clay etc] I really want them to have freedom of expressionism.

Your child can enter two works if they [or you] cant choose their favourite.

Please can you scan/photograph the work and e-mail it to me off group with the header "Earth Love - Art competition" my direct e-mail is

The winning work will be featured on our group homepage for several months and there will be a small but unique prize for the winner.

All entries will be listed on this blog. [Hoorah! your child will love this]

I really hope to have many colourful pictures to post, so lets all get started!