Saturday, October 18, 2008


Thanks Janet for raising this issue, I was clueless!

I was shocked when I read the motiviation for the petition and thought to share it with you all again.

I now will also spend the next studying tigers and the protection of them with Thomas.

I hope to find time to share our journey with you all in the comming week.


"Wild tigers are in crisis. With their population at an estimated 3,500, it is crucial for those who hold their fate to make the right decisions.Opening the Chinese market to tiger products is not the right decision, and could drive wild tigers to extinction. Poaching, along with environmental degradation, is diminishing the wild tiger population; legalizing the trade of tiger parts would encourage even more poaching. Killing a tiger in the wild is 250 times cheaper than raising it in captivity, a sad incentive for tiger part sellers seeking the most affordable way to obtain tiger parts. It is difficult to distinguish between wild and farmed tiger parts, and equally difficult to enforce, which will allow many to poach without facing the legal consequences.
Scientific studies in India have shown that wild tigers could not sustain increased levels of poaching, which would most likely result from legalizing the trade of tiger parts.