Monday, April 28, 2008

Gnome Acorn Craft

I was inspired to make these by a posting on Welcome to Munchkinland Blog that led to Saartjeknits . Saartje knitted Korknisse ~ which are cork men knitted in 2 units [hat and coat]

My Gnome Oakies [Acorn men] are knitted all in one and take a few minutes to make.

We collected our acorns last week in Stellenbosch. We collected all shapes and sizes so they were perfect for this craft. My acorns were dry so the nut inside rattles and makes a cute noise!

Here is the pattern
I used double knit bamboo [sigh] on 3mm needles. This created a sturdy knit!

1] Cast on 15 stitches
2] Knit 5 rows
3] Purl 1 row
4] Knit 3 stitches cast off 9 stitches knit last 3 stitches.
5]Knit 3 stitches turn knitting around and cast on 9 stitches then turn knitting around again and knit last 3 stitches. = 15 stitches
6] Knit 2 rows
7] *Knit 2 Together, knit 3 stitches. Repeat from * to end
8] Purl
9] *Knit 2 together, knit 2 stitches.Repeat from * to end
10] Purl
11] *Knit 2 together, knit 1 stitch. Repeat from * to end
12] Purl
13] Knit 2 together until the end

Thread yarn through the 3 remaining stitches and sew up the Oakie. you need to find the perfect size acorn, I like the Gnome Oakie to stand, so for this you need to use a slightly smaller acorn.

Any way, If you need any help, Just let me know.


Ananga-manjari said...

Awesome my boys would love this! What size/type knitting needle did you use? I am also now trying to figure out how to convert it to crochet.

Carle said...

These were knitted witha double knit on a 3mm needle. But if you usea thicker yarn/needle, you can use a big acorn. Also If you do get to crochet one,please send me a picture and pattern to post here!


Ananga-manjari said...

A DPN? Yes?

Sure thing! Thx!

MamaK said...

Those are some cute gnomes! Saw my blog on your blog roll. I am beyond honored that you like my silly old blog. I am digging yours, and I have a friend that would totally appreciate it as well. Good stuff!-K

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I have knitted some and posted them on my blog, but the link isn't working in the post. It is however working in the comments. Thankyou!